Sleepyhead’s “Sleep Solution” gets those zzzz’s sorted

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Mindfulness, meditation and milky drinks are all effective sleep aids but what you’re sleeping on – and under – also makes a huge difference to enjoying a restful night.

That’s why Sleepyhead, New Zealand’s number one bed manufacturer and Most Trusted bed brand, offers a variety of essential sleep products.

Called the Sleepyhead Sleep Solution, the expanded range includes 16 pillows, four duvets and three waterproof mattress protectors across four categories: 

*Simple Care – hypo-allergenic fill and machine washable; perfect for busy mums on the go

*Comfort Touch – softness and comfort with bounce-back support; perfect for back and side sleepers

*Advance Support – guarantees full head and neck support

*Temp Support – with breathable and moisture-wicking properties ensuring you’re never too hot or cold

Sleepyhead Marketing Manager, Warren Roach, says, “We are dedicated to making sure New Zealanders get a good night’s sleep as it’s so vital to our health and wellbeing. Yet our research shows many Kiwis struggle with sleepless nights. Anxiety and stress play a part in that but so too does the quality of your bedding”.

“A pillow is effectively a bed for your head and without the correct support, you can suffer neck, shoulder and back issues. The right duvet is also important to keep your temperature just right as being too hot or too cold plays havoc with sleep patterns. A mattress protector looks after your bedding investment, keeping your mattress shipshape and guarding against dust mites which can contribute to allergies.”

“Sleepyhead are known for their world-first technology so it makes sense to extend their mattress innovation into the Sleep Solution range”, says Roach. “The products are made with unique fabrics and technologies, from breathable, natural Australian wool in some of the duvets to the TENCEL fabric with moisture wicking and breathable properties in the mattress protectors.”

The Sleep Solution range is available nationwide at all Sleepyhead stockists. For more information visit to find your own complete Sleep Solution.