Creating a Healthy Sleep Environment

One sleep aid that can help achieve a good night’s sleep is creating a healthy sleep environment. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and represent a place that is soothing and relaxing.

Here are some tips on improving your sleep environment: Keep reading Creating a Healthy Sleep Environment

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The 3 Types of Insomnia: Which one do you have?

Having trouble sleeping? Finding yourself lying in bed for hours on end wide awake and unable to drop off into the blissful land of Zzzzzs? Counting sheep not working?

Don’t worry you are not alone. Studies show at least three-quarters of people have occasional sleep difficulties, reporting that they:

• feel they don’t get enough sleep
• struggle to get to sleep
• wake repeatedly throughout the night
• are constantly feeling tired

Insomnia is one of society’s most common health problems. It’s a growing epidemic that is leaving people exhausted with absolutely no energy to perform during the day. But the good news is insomnia can be treated. Keep reading The 3 Types of Insomnia: Which one do you have?

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Back Pain – Hidden causes behind a sore back

If you currently suffer from back pain you are not alone.  According to Dr. Hayden Thomas, chiropractor and spokesperson for the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association, approximately 80% of all people will suffer some kind of back pain in their lives.

Of course there are many reasons for back pain; injury, pregnancy, heavy lifting, even our increasingly sedentary lives and office bound jobs are having huge effects on our nation’s back health. Keep reading Back Pain – Hidden causes behind a sore back

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Sleep Allergies

For some, the peaceful, restorative sleep we all need and desire  is rarely achieved.  Night after night is spent in a restless slumber due to constant coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, runny noses and difficulties in breathing. To add insult to injury the rest of the world rests peacefully in their beds. The fact is allergies flaring up during the night are a grim reality for a large number of people, but most are at a loss as to why. Keep reading Sleep Allergies

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Tips for Buying a New Bed

Buying a new bed is an exciting yet daunting process. We can be overwhelmed by the many different things that are needed to be taken into consideration. These days when walking into a store all we can see are dozens of identical white mattresses each with descriptions that mean very little to us. As a result, we can be left feeling confused and overwhelmed, causing our initial excitement to disappear. It no longer has to be that way. Here is a guide on the different things to consider when buying a new bed.

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